Strengthening God’s Plan for Marriage was born on September 17, 2010. Today is September 17, 2011 and we are 1 year old. I only wish I knew how to display our stats from Facebook.  Needless to say, it has been a steady growth for the last year.

Our membership on FB as on today (9/17/11) is 1, 481. We just keep growing!! Praise God!!

The decision was made to compliment FB readers with a blog so they could go back and read what we have covered in the past. As new members come aboard, it is the prayer of SGP4M to allow those new people a chance to catch up, or just read some of what we have posted on FB concerning marriage.

At this point in time, I’m not sure if we will post past devotionals or not. I will leave that up to our readers.

Thanks to WordPress and all our readers who continually support us.

Millard Kinnison, Admin



As of 9/20/11, it has been decided to add as much here as we can from the past year. Lots of great reading so bear with us as we endeavor to put all this together for you, our readers.

You can also catch us at


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